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All Around This World: Latin America introduces you and your family to melodic and magnificent Latin music from all over South and Central America, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic). Jay Sand’s unique approach to translating global music into “global music for kids”–distilling “grown up” music into songs that embrace the essence of the originals but include just the right balance of lyrics in the original language and English so everyone can sing along–inspires listeners to not just tap their toes to awesome Afro-Latin rhythms and swoon at the sweet sounds of Latin singers, but to actually embrace the songs as their own. Here you’ll meet merengue and salsa, samba and son. Garifuna punta, Andean cumbia, Mexican mariachi, Surinamese soca . . . it’s all there in its multi-instrumental glory. And it’s all fun.

Visit "" to learn about all the artists who contributed to the album. There you'll also find voluminous information about all the songs on it such as an introduction to each song's original country and its most engaging genres of music, as well as information about Latin musical genres and instruments, great videos of Latin American performers and more family-friendly hands-on, you-can-do-this-at home, experiential global music fun coming every day.


released October 1, 2013

PRODUCER: Afro-Cuban percussionist and composer ARTURO STABLE. Born and raised in Cuba, trained deeply in Cuban musical styles and then educated further in Latin and international music in Mexico and at the Berklee College of Music, Arturo as become one of the Americas’ most respected Afro-Cuban percussionists and performers. Arturo has toured internationally with his music, releasing his own CDs of Latin Jazz and playing with stars of the genre in Jazz festivals worldwide. Arturo is currently the Chair of the Hand Percussion Department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, thankfully keeping him in the States long enough to be able to collaborate with All Around This World.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


All Around This World Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

All Around This World is a unique, interactive music program for children 0-9 years old that encourages kids and their families to explore the world by enjoying great global melodies, rhythms and movement.

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Track Name: La Guacamaya (Mexico, son jarocho)
Pobrecito guacamaya, you’re a hungry little bird
You’re a hungry little bird pobrecito guacamaya
Pobrecito guacamaya, I will share my food with you
If you only help me too, pobrecito guacamaya
Fly, fly, fly, can you teach me how to fly?
Pobrecito guacamaya, we can leave the world behind
Vuela, vuela, vuela, can you teach me how to fly?
Pobrecito guacamaya, we can leave the world behind
Track Name: Bambo du Bambu (Brazil, samba)
We dance bambo de bambulelê, we dance bambo de bambulalá
We dance bambo de bambu we’re dancing the samba with our mother, brother, sister and papa, oh!
We dance samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba with mama
We dance samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba samba with papa
We dance bambo de bambulelê, we dance bambo de bambulalá
We dance bambo de bambu we’re dancing the samba with our mother, brother, sister and papa, oh!
Track Name: La Colora (Cuba, changui)
Colora, Colora, Sina Maria Colora
Colora, Colora, make us some of your cassava
Track Name: Wan Boto (Suriname, soca)
Wan boto e kong nana wang fraga
Wan fraga no’ mo’ hanga de?!?!
One boat is coming with just one flag
Wang fraga no’ mo’ hanga de?!?!
Track Name: Cachumbambe (Cuba, merengue)
Cachumbambe, la vieja Ines,
Se bebe guarapo y no toma cafe
Cachmubambe, old lady Ines
She will drink guarapo and she won't drink cafe.
Track Name: Our Story May Be Sad (Honduras, Garifuna)
Yunruhuma ya,
Arihabei habuidunmenia
Mafarulubadina lamise

Yunruhuma ya,
Arihabei habuidunmenia
Our story may be sad but we'll laugh anyway

Dance dance dance, ma lubuidun, dance dance dance,
habinahan . . .
Track Name: Este Torito (Mexico, son jarocho)
Este torito que traigo,
lo traigo desde Topango
lo traigo desde Topango
este torito que traigo

Y lo vengo mantenido
con cascaritas de mango
este torit que traigo
lo traigo desde Topango.

This little bull I 'am bringing
he comes here from Topango
he comes here from Topango
this little bull I am bringng

To get him to come here with me
I feed him lots of mango
This little buill I am bringing
He comes here from Topango
Track Name: A Canoa (Brazil, pagode)
A canoa virou, quem deixou ela virar
Foi por causa da [name], que não soube remar
Siriri prá cá, siriri prá lá

The canoe flipped and who made it flip was it you?
It was because of Molly, now what are we going to do?
Paddle this way paddle that way, paddle this way paddle that way
Track Name: Un Barco Chiquitito (Cuban salsa)
Habia una vez un barco chiquitito (3x)
Que no podia, no podia, no podia parar.

Once upon a time there was a little boat (3x)
That could that could that could not stop.
Track Name: Niño Colla (Argentina, Andean cumbia)
Soy un coya chiquitito, vivo solo en mi ranchito.
Con mis ojotas de cuero, ya me voy camino al cerro.

I’m a little Kolla boy, I live on this tiny farm
I put on my leather sandals on my way up to the hill.
Track Name: Citron (Mexico, festejo)
Al Citron de un fandango, Sango sango,
Sabare Sabare de la randela, con su triki triki tron.
Track Name: La Llave (corrido [jarocho style])
¿Donde esta la llave? Mate-rile-rile-rile
¿Donde esta la llave? Mate-rile-rile-ro (pon!)

Where is the key? Mate-rile-rile-rile
Where is the key? Mate-rile-rile ro.
Track Name: O Pião (Brazil, fusion)
O pião entrou na roda, ó pião (x2)
Roda pião, bambeia pião (x2)
Track Name: Las Mañanitas (Mexico, huapango)
Qué linda esta mañana en que vengo a saludarte,
venimos todos con gusto, y placer a felicitarte
Despierta, mi bien, despierta, mira que ya amaneció,
ya los pajarillos cantan, la luna ya se metió.

How beautiful is morning, we’re here to sing along
We all will sing together and we’ll start with this song
Wake up dear, wake up my darling, rub your eyes, it’s almost dawn
The little birds are singing and the nighttime has gone.
Track Name: La Luna (Plena)
Quisiera ser tan alto como la luna, Ay-ay-ay! Como la luna
Quisiera ser paloma y poder volar, Ay-ay-ay! y poder volar

I’d like to be as the moon way up high, high, high, Ay-ay-ay! way up high, high, high.
I’d like to be a dove so I could fly fly fly, Ay-ay-ay! I could fly fly fly
Track Name: Tambobambino (Peru, Andean cumbia)
Tambobambino maqt'acha, tambobambino maqt'acha, tambobambino maqt'acha, Oh what a silly boy you are.
¡Wifalita wifala, wifalata wifala, Wifalita wifala, wifalata, wifala!
Track Name: Ahora es Cuando es (Cuba, conga)
Ahora es cuando es (4x)
Now is the time (4x)
Track Name: Arroro Mi Niño (Argentina, lullaby)
Arroro me nino, arroro mi sol
Arroro pedazo de mi corazon

Go to sleep my child
Go o seep my love
Go to sleep my child
Go to sleep my love
Track Name: Los Pollitos (son)
Los pollitos dicen pío, pío, pío, cuando tienen hambre cuando tienen frío.
La gallina busca el maíz y el trigo, les da la comida y les presta abrigo. Bajo de sus alas, acurrucaditos. Duermen los pollitos hasta el otro día!

All the little chicks say pio pio pio when they are hungry and when they are cold.
The mother chicken looks for corn and wheat. She will give them shelter and something to eat
Under mama's wing the little chickens keep, until the next morning they are all asleep.
Track Name: Azulão (Brazil, Cuban bolero)
Vai, Azulão, Azulão companheiro, vai!
Vai ver minha ingrata, diz que sem ela
O sertão náo é mais sertão! Ai! Vão a Azulão
Vai contar companheiro, vai!

Fly bluebird, friend, fly to my long lost love,
Say that without her this barren land’s not the same since she said goodbye,
Ah, fly bluebird, friend, go and tell her, my bluebird fly.