All Around This World: Africa (North and East -- digital only)

by All Around This World

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All Around This World: Africa (North and East) is a musical adventure taking you and your kids from Ethiopia to Egypt, Tanzania to Algeria, Uganda to Madagascar and beyond. Featuring songs in musical genres like Zanzibar's intriguing African/Arabic/Persian taraab, cascading Kenyan benga, melodic Ugandan kadongo kamu and energetic Ethio-Jazz.

Like what you hear? Listen to the companion CD in this set, All Around This World: Africa (West, Central and South) "".

Visit "" to learn about all the artists who contributed to the album and for voluminous information about all the songs on it such as an introduction to each song's original country and its most engaging genres of music, as well as information about African musical genres and instruments, great videos of African performers and more family-friendly hands-on, you-can-do-this-at home, experiential global music fun coming every day.


released June 21, 2015

Accompanying AATW founder and lead teacher Jay Sand, co-producer of both AATW Africa CDs is AMON DRUM, whose Hook Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, describes itself as, “Purveyors of fine sound from Brooklyn to Bamako and Beyond.” Amon is so utterly talented on so many fronts–as a producer, as an engineer, as a percussionist himself, and as an organizer of such impossible projects such as this–that to even try to provide the praise he deserves would be inadequate.

Amon’s recent writing and production work with the Brooklyn-based international/African fusion collective, Analog Players Society, is a case in point; the tracks are nothing short of infectious . . . in a good way!



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All Around This World Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

All Around This World is a unique, interactive music program for children 0-9 years old that encourages kids and their families to explore the world by enjoying great global melodies, rhythms and movement.

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Track Name: We Are Happy (East Africa)
Oooh, bop bop bop, oooh, bop bop bop
We are happy, we are happy on this day.
Mirembe (Luganda), Hamjambo (Swahili), Tadiyass (Amharic), Salam 'alekum (Arabic)
Track Name: A Hiyeni (Mozambique)
A hiyeni va camarada
Everyone come along now
The kids are in the village
Track Name: Arsomo Baba (Morocco)
Arsomo baba, arsomo mama, bil alwan, bil alwan
I paint Molly, I paint Molly, all in white, all in white
Track Name: Yo Yo Kilili (Egypt)
Yoyo kilili kilili, waniss kilili
Yo yo you jawé, é, jawé wanissta aragé
Yo yo yo kilili, wanissta kilili
Track Name: Atas Atas (Algeria)
Atas atas amimmi, atas atas aylli
Atatas mimmi atimghour yalli,
Go to sleep my baby sleep, go to sleep my little sweet
One day you’ll be grown and out on your own
Know that in my arms you will have a home.
Track Name: Nanu Nanu Ney (Ethiopia)
Nanu nanu ney,
Kanchialegn guday
Track Name: Kavuli Tutu (Kenya)
Kavuli (Tutu!), Ngwatie mwana (Tutu!),
Ndulane nethe (Tutu!), mebemb ikiwa (Tutu!)
Nosyo tulaya (Tutu!)
Track Name: Kenenee (Uganda)
Kee ne ne, kee ne ne, kee ne kee ne kee ne ne
I want to eat kee ne ne, Kee ne kee ne kee ne ne!
I want to eat raspberries/matoke/posho/chapati/cassava)
Track Name: Kipenzi Changu (Kenya)
Kipenzi changu uchangamke, sasa mimi wako
Nikakupenda, na kukutunza mpaka kufa kwangu
Oh my darling I’ll always love you more than you’ll ever know
And though the days may be long my darling I’ll never let you go.
Track Name: Nsa We (Uganda)
Nsa we nsa we nsa we
Let me clear the field with you and I'll be eating dinner too
(plant the seeds, grow the crops, pick the food)
Track Name: Tulo Tulo (Uganda)
Tulo tulo kwata amwana, bwoto mukwate nga olimulogo, ssebo wulila
Njagala ngendeko kumazina nzine kundongo, nkyuse kubulamu obulamu

Tulo Tulo, go to sleep my pretty baby, dream sweetly through the night
In your dreams you'll dance in moonlight, in your dreams you'll soar through the starry sky
Track Name: Cibula (Tanzania)
Cibula aye cibula. MATU!
Track Name: Tsy Akeo (Madagascar)
Anao 'koa 'fa tsy akeo ô, ilay, fitiavana
Anao 'koa 'fa tsy akeo ô, ilay antsoiny fitiavana
We need love and to be loved and to love each other every day
O mila fitiavana, O mila fitia, O mila Fifankatiavana, fitia fitia fitia!
Track Name: Goodbye (East Africa)
We say goodbye but we're not sad, because of all the fun we had.
We are happy, we are happy on this day.
Mirembe (Luganda), Kwaheri (Swahili), Dehna hunu (Amharic), Ma'a Assalaama (Arabic)